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Social Business

Social media is transforming the way we do business.

Social Business is a new way of doing business and enterprise organization system that centres on collaborative and networking relationships (employees, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.). Social business isn't just about software and technology, it's about business transformation and mindset shifting.

A social business engages its employees, customers and industry influencers in the direct creation of business value.

A social business is deeply connected to its key stakeholders, and empowers them as advocates, collaborators, trust and change agents, helping those organisations become more agile, more engaged, effective and efficient across core business functions.

Through strategy, research, advisory and managed services, we enable organisations to realise true business value in social media, mobile, local and corporate social networks.

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Primary Channel for Engaging Customers
(within 5 years)
Source: IBM CEO Case Study
The analysis of social business readiness with assessement tests is important to identify and understand the organization culture and capability to change and accept new paradigms.
Social Business transformation presents an opportunity for organizations to improve everything from reinventing customer relationships to how work gets done. A social business embraces networks of people to create business value and activates networks of people that apply relevant content and expertise to improve and accelerate core and ad hoc processes, delivering unprecedented return for the time invested.
Employee empowerment with social technologies help to create a smarter workforce. This is the key for a successful social business transformation and reinventing the innovation.
The companies significantly leveraging social engagement as a means of communicating with their customers. Taking social customer engagement to the next level will make the difference in whether a company succeeds and continues to thrive with its customers.
A social business does not exist without properly selected and implemented social technologies. The Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is the heart of the social business technology, but an ESN itself is not enough to become a social business.